Turn new clients into regular ones with excellent customer service
Use a reliable help desk and customer self-services to respond to clients faster and relieve employees of routine work
No credit card required
Processing customer requests from different channels in one system
One pricing for all functionality
It doesnt require training, go-live in 30 minutes
Every day, you're bombarded by messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, customer emails, and online chats. To get rid of the chaos that comes from fielding messages from a myriad of sources, install Pulsedesk: they will all be automatically directed to your personal account, which contains a lot of useful tools.
Online chat for site
There are two types of widgets available for your website that can be downloaded from the Pulsedesk site and installed for free: a Live Online Chat and a Pop-Up. With their help, customers can contact you online, send you messages, or go to the Knowledge Base and find the answer to their questions on their own.
Customer requests from all communication channels fall into the 'Requests' section, where all information is at hand. With convenient search functionality, SLA parameters, and flexible field settings, Pulsedesk will become your main tool for improving customer service.
'Assign Kate to all requests from Telegram.' 'Send an email to the manager after receiving each new request.' Pulsedesk's flexible trigger system will allow you to automate a variety of processes that will speed up your work. Create templates and respond to requests even faster.

Set an unlimited number of limits for all operations in Pulsedesk. Closely monitor the quality of service and find out what problems prevent requests from being processed on time. Let efficiency go hand in hand with quality!
Give clients the opportunity to find answers to their questions themselves! You can create a Knowledge Base based on Pulsedesk – your company's own Wikipedia – and post links to its articles on your website or in a web widget.
Your clients will be able to make requests and track their processing status through a special personal account. The best communication tool for working with regular customers.

Whether on the road, in the workshop, or in the warehouse, you can still interact with clients without a minute's delay using Pulsedesk's mobile app. View requests from all communication channels, respond, change statuses, and assign tasks anywhere and anytime.
Today, every company works with a variety of IT systems, so it is extremely important for help desk to be capable of various integrations. That's why we designed Pulsedesk to be easily integrated with any software.
What our clients say about us
Lilia Zaitseva
Projects manager in S7 Logistics Team
We are very pleased that we chose PulseDesk. The service combines customer inquiries from various channels, which is very convenient. The functions make it possible to work faster and more efficiently. The PulseDesk team is always in touch and not only helps us solve operational tasks, but also takes into account our wishes for further development of the platform. We are pleased that the PulseDesk team strives to improve their product, listens to customers, and is ready to meet their needs.
Roman Sovalov
Head of Customer Support in Sovintegra
We’d never used help desk systems before, but at some point it became obvious that having automated support would speed up and simplify many processes. We analyzed the market, compiled a list of the most suitable solutions, and decided on PulseDesk, as it provided all of the functionality we needed at a very pleasant price. The key factor in choosing the system was the ability to configure client portals. We work with large companies, and they should all be able to create their own accounts and register requests. A knowledge base has been connected to the portal, and everything works fine.
Anand Malik
Co-owner Klientiks
Our company develops CRM systems. We used to use the Zendesk help desk system, but then had to migrate to a Russian solution. Our key requirements were to have the ability to receive and process inquiries from email and chat on our site, as well as a built-in a Knowledge Base. The choice fell on PulseDesk, which met all our criteria. Thanks to their team’s flexible approach and efficiency, we implemented the system and got up and running with it very quickly.
Travis Dunlop
Head of Service Support Top Delivery
We were looking for a system to automate our service. We needed to receive messages from email and set up routing so that our employees were assigned to inquiries automatically. We considered several different solutions and chose PulseDesk, since its functionality almost completely covers our needs. I am glad that the PulseDesk team was ready to customize the system for us. For example, at our request, they configured PulseDesk so that employees who are not in the help desk system can work with tickets, and also set it up so that when a person writes to support and specifies several CC addresses, they will all receive an answer from PulseDesk.
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