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Streamline the workflow of your support department with the user-friendly HELP desk

Tickets and ticket list

Elevate your customer service to new heights with Pulsedesk's cutting-edge Tickets and Ticket List functionality.
Seamlessly track and prioritise customer interactions in the heart of your system. Watch as tickets are effortlessly generated when clients reach out via email, phone calls, or the customer service portal. Take complete control with the ability to create tickets manually as well. With Pulsedesk, empower your team to deliver unparalleled customer experiences by effectively managing and resolving tickets.

Parent-child tickets

Supercharge your ticket management with Parent-Child Tickets feature. Streamline your workflow when dealing with multiple identical tickets by linking them to a single parent ticket and seamlessly transferring tasks to the appropriate department. As your dedicated agents solve the problem, responses entered in the parent ticket automatically propagate to all child tickets, ensuring synchronised updates.
In complex scenarios that require collaboration from multiple specialists, a single ticket can be effortlessly divided into multiple child tickets assigned to different employees. Once all subtasks are successfully resolved, agents can consolidate the progress by updating the parent ticket and closing it alongside the child tickets. Experience unrivalled efficiency and collaboration with Pulsedesk's dynamic Parent-Child Tickets feature!


Priorities serve as a crucial parameter, guiding operators to prioritise requests effectively. Pulsedesk offers three preset priority values - 'Low', 'Medium', and 'High' - enabling streamlined operations. By default, all tickets are assigned a 'Medium' priority, ensuring a balanced approach. Elevate your ticket management process, swiftly addressing critical tasks with a strategic focus on priority. With Pulsedesk, prioritise with confidence and deliver exceptional service.


Efficiently organise and sort tickets with Categories. Gain valuable insights and automate actions for enhanced workflow management.
Take control of your ticket processing efficiency with Pulsedesk's customisable Data Fields feature. Add new fields in the dedicated 'Data Fields' section to enhance your ticket management capabilities. For instance, create a field to designate customer types such as VIP, regular, and more. Streamline your workflow by making the filling of these fields mandatory or optional, empowering your team to gather essential information for efficient ticket handling. With Pulsedesk, tailor your ticket processing to perfection and deliver exceptional service with ease using the versatile Data Fields feature.


Response templates and variables

Effortlessly handle customer inquiries by utilising pre-prepared text templates, easily inserted into conversations with a few clicks. Experience the efficiency of accelerated inquiry processing as agents quickly access and personalise responses, saving valuable time and ensuring consistent messaging. With dynamic variables, automatically insert customer-specific details such as their name, company name, date of birth, and more, creating a personalised and engaging experience. Elevate your customer service to new heights with Pulsedesk's Response Templates and Variables feature, delivering efficient and personalised support effortlessly.


Define and track the various stages of ticket processing, from 'New' to 'In process' to 'Closed'. Integrate triggers and automation rules with different ticket statuses, streamlining your workflow and optimizing efficiency. Leverage the power of status-based reporting to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

User groups

Maximize productivity with Pulsedesk's user groups. Effortlessly assign tasks and manage access rights from the intuitive 'Groups' menu.
Simplify Customer Support with Our Helpdesk

Communication from live chats and messengers in one place

Consolidate all client messages from various messengers and your website widget into a single, organised hub. During business hours, customer messages received through the website widget are displayed in the 'Chats' section for immediate attention. After hours, they seamlessly transition to the 'Tickets' section, ensuring no customer inquiry goes unnoticed.
Effortlessly manage and prioritise conversations by viewing all chats or sorting them based on ticket status, including 'Pending', 'Open', or 'Closed'. Take control of your customer interactions by sorting chats by tags, employees, or customers, enabling efficient workflow management. Elevate your customer service game with Pulsedesk's 'Chats' section, delivering seamless communication and exceptional support at every step.

Distributing tickets between agents, depending on their workload

Business hours

Unleash operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction with Pulsedesk's Business Hours functionality. Set precise SLA limits that align with your business operations effortlessly. Gain valuable insights into agent performance as Pulsedesk intelligently considers business hours when calculating critical metrics such as the time of the first response and the time of the first comment. With Pulsedesk, optimise your operations and deliver exceptional service within designated business hours
Set criteria to distribute tickets among assignees based on their workload. Choose the agents tickets will be assigned to and specify the maximum number each can handle.
If all agents are busy, new tickets enter a queue until an agent closes an existing ticket. When multiple agents have availability, tickets are assigned in alphabetical order. Pulsedesk's intelligent algorithms evaluate agent loads based on statuses, ensuring fair and efficient distribution.
Simplify your ticket management, maximise agent productivity, and deliver timely support with Pulsedesk's automated ticket distribution rules.

Automatic actions (triggers) for tickets

Automate key actions to streamline your workflow and work more quickly and efficiently. Experience the power of automatic notifications sent to agents and customers, dynamic status changes based on specific conditions (such as client follow-ups after ticket closure), and seamless assignment of the right agents for specific ticket types. Pulsedesk's Triggers empower you to optimise your ticket management, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service. Take control of your ticket processing with Pulsedesk's Triggers and unlock a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Automatic actions (triggers) for chats

Enhance your control and automate actions within chat interactions. Currently, three event types are available: 'Dialog Created', 'Dialog Assignee Changed', and 'Assignee Group Changed'. These events serve as triggers for two powerful actions: 'Designate Assignee' and 'Send email'.
Designate Assignee:
Effortlessly streamline your chat workflow by automatically assigning the right team member when specific events occur. Ensure efficient handling of chats and prompt responses with the designated assignee feature.
Send Email:
Keep your team informed and enhance collaboration with automated email notifications triggered by chat events. Stay up-to-date on new chats, assignee updates, or changes in assignee groups. Seamlessly communicate and coordinate efforts for exceptional chat support.

Simplify Customer Support with Our Helpdesk

Knowledge base

Create a centralised corporate wiki packed with invaluable information about your products and services. Empower your customers with a wealth of articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs), allowing them to find answers independently and reducing support requests.
Customise and brand your Knowledge Base to reflect your unique identity. Upload a captivating background image and showcase your logo, instantly creating a visually engaging experience. Personalise page and knowledge base titles, ensuring a seamless integration with your company's branding. Seamlessly connect with your audience by including links to your social media networks, extending your reach and fostering a stronger online presence.
With Pulsedesk's Knowledge Base feature, revolutionise your customer support approach, empower your customers, and create a proactive self-service environment. Elevate customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and unleash the power of knowledge with Pulsedesk's versatile and customisable Knowledge Base feature.


This web-based platform offers customers an easy and independent ticketing experience. They can create tickets, monitor status changes, engage in real-time communication with support agents, and even enrich their messages with photos or videos.
With the integration of the Client Portal and the 'Tickets' section, customer inquiries flow seamlessly for efficient management. Operators provide personalised responses directly to customers' personal accounts on the portal, ensuring a convenient and tailored support journey.
Unleash your brand's identity and enhance the customer experience by customising the Client Portal. Access the settings to connect your portal page, define a captivating title, upload a stunning background image, and showcase your logo, creating an immersive and visually appealing environment.
Experience the power of customer-centric support with Pulsedesk's remarkable Client Portal. Empower your customers, foster proactive engagement, and unlock exceptional satisfaction. Transform your support ecosystem and strengthen customer relationships with the dynamic and customisable Client Portal from Pulsedesk.


Active Directory
Access to Pulsedesk can be managed via Azure Active Directory. This is convenient, since authorization and rights are obtained centrally through Active Directory, and users can seamlessly log in to Pulsedesk.

If you connect Bitrix24, employees are able to access all the information available about a customer with just one click: what they have ordered and when, whether it was paid for, whether the warranty on the product is still valid, when a new order is expected, etc. This way, agents save time on processing tickets and demonstrate that they are familiar with the customer and their circumstances.
Jira is a tool for organizing work on projects. Integration allows you to track tasks directly in Pulsedesk: see status changes, new comments, etc.
Zapier is a service that facilitates the Pulsedesk integration with over 5000 apps, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, and many others. You can automate the creation, updating, and uploading of requests, as well as sending notifications to other applications.

Simplify Customer Support with Our Helpdesk

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