Updated Knowledge Base in Pulsedesk

Product updates
This week we have launched a major update in Pulsedesk. We completely revised the knowledge base and the way it is displayed for clients. We fixed the accumulated problems and added some new features.

The knowledge base is a space for our clients where they can find information about our products and services, answers to frequently asked questions, official documents, instructions, and much more. The knowledge base can be a part of the customer portal in Pulsedesk. The company posts its materials there, and customers register their tickets.

You can activate the knowledge base in the ‘Help Portal’ section. How to define the structure and add articles is described in the instruction.

Here is exactly what we did.
  • Merged two sections (structure and articles settings) into one. Now, you can create sections, categories, and articles in the same window.
  • Removed the requirement to locate articles only on the third level of category hierarchy. Now, articles can be added at any level, but only if that level contains articles exclusively. In other words, it is not possible to publish both an article and a category with articles at the same level.
  • Implemented a new convenient text editor for articles with plenty of tools.
  • It is now possible to define the sequence of articles and subcategories within a category.
  • Changed the way articles are displayed on the portal.
  • Articles now have three visibility types: ‘public’ (accessible to all users), ‘for employees’ (only users with the ‘employee’ role), and ‘for the company’ (users assigned to a specific company). Now you can create knowledge bases for both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ use.
Knowledge Base is a convenient tool that helps streamline the work of the support team. It allows employees to spend less time on routine tasks and more on complex and creative ones.