Parent-Child Ticketing

Product updates
We added a new super-feature to Pulsedesk — parent-child ticketing. It will be useful in different situations. For example:

  • Mass message delivery for the same type of tickets

Imagine, your service is facing an unexpected outage, and support received 15 identical tickets. In order not to answer the same to everyone, the operator can link 14 tickets to a parent one and transfer the task to the desired department. As soon as the service is launched, the agent will write a response in the parent ticket and will be able to add it to all child ones by clicking just one button.

  • Ticket distribution between different departments and employees

Another situation: the problem is too complex, and should be solved by different specialists. In this case, one ticket is divided into several, and each child ticket is assigned to different groups of performers.

There are new icons indicating parent-child links in the ticket list. And you can merge and split tickets using a special button in the ticket card. Note that one child ticket can be attached to only one parent ticket.

Pulsedesk also has new events, conditions, and actions to work with child tickets. Thanks to this you can: close a parent ticket together with the child ones, write a message in a parent ticket and it to all child ones, simultaneously change statuses of parent and child tickets, and ect.