Updated Client Portal and Mobile App

Product updates
We launched two more important updates.
Groups on the client portal

On the portal, you can now create client groups and give employees from the same company access to all tickets created by colleagues.

There are two permissions in the system — ‘View employee tickets on the portal’ and ‘Edit employee tickets on the portal’. The user needs to create a new group, add these permissions to it, and assign it to the relevant clients.

The company is specified either by the client themselves in their profile or by the administrator. In their profile, the client can also edit their name and surname, change their email and phone number, choose their company, and indicate their position.
Updated Android App

We've just launched a new version of the Pulsedesk Android app, and it has exciting features for you to enjoy:

  • Create new tickets on-the-go. Say goodbye to delays — you can now generate tickets right within the app.
  • We've added fields in the ticket card that allow you to set priorities and include additional recipients.
  • The priority of the tickets is now visible in the list.
  • Optimized the process of adding files.

+ Bonus

That's not all — there's another surprise waiting for you! We've made a small yet impactful change to the web version of Pulsedesk. Now, you can edit a topic of your ticket, this will make it easier to navigate the list and quickly find the exact information you need.